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2019-03-25 17:58:30

If you’re craving Mediterranean comfort food, you will love Pita Restaurant. We serve fresh, authentic Mediterranean, Moroccan dishes cooked-to-order. Everything is made from scratch at Pita.

We pride ourselves on our fresh ingredients and fragrant herbs and spices and creating succulent food you will return for again and again.

We take our hummus seriously! That’s why you have to try it .

Pita - Boston's Freshest Mediterranean Cuisine
Boston's Freshest Schwarma, Falaful and Kebob
Boston Pita - The Freshest Mediterranean Cuisine

Customer Reviews

Such a cute little restaurant! Great for lunch. I’d never been to a Mediterranean food place before (I had no idea what falafel was) so my boyfriend and I popped into this little place on a whim. The spinach pie was heavenly, the baklava was delicious and the falafel was tasty. I loved the atmosphere, and the workers were very friendly. Great food for an even better price!

Hannah B. of Uxbridge, MA

We got a very large take-out order, for six adults. Every item was fresh, delicious, some of the best available in Boston. We have ordered from several others in the area but this remains in our top two! Delicious cucumber and falafel sandwiches. Delicious hummus and tabouli. It is my top choice for this cuisine.

Lynette S. of Roslindale, MA

Wow, I fell into this place and am so glad I did.

Their salads were packed full of flavor, chicken was moist and delish’ and hit the spot dead on. I was starving and was thinking of chips and a soda.

The place has nice seating but I got my salads and specialty teas to go.

The people were very pleasant. Made my order, rang me up and I was on my way.

Skye G. of Boston, MA

Yum!!! Delicious food. Everything is perfectly seasoned, the baklava is to die for. I never had a bad experience with the food I got from Pita and I’ve been there quite a few times, since I’m lucky to work in the area. Thumbs up.

G B of Boston, MA

Dropped in with my daughter for a quick lunch and walked out full and happy. Great prices and food was tasty. she got the Moroccan burger and I had the chix kabob rollup. Friendly service and clean dining area.

Wish we got more pickle. Next time I’ll ask for extra!

Alison L. of Newton, MA

My go-to is the Sampler Plate, simply amazing! An flavorful balance of taste and texture! I always end my meal with a Baklava or two. Fresh, great service and “real”. in 1 word, HEAVEN!

Stacey L. of Hanover, MA

AMAZING and fresh Mediterranean food. Lamb pita sandwich and pita plate were both OUT OF THIS WORLD. Best hummus I have ever eaten and not too garlicky which was nice. Amazing falafel. Even the olives were great.

Kate L. of Waltham, MA

I never realized my full love for Mediterranean food, until I ate at this little gem, tucked away in the midst of T stops, the highway, and The Pine Street Inn locals. This neighborhood has some real flavor :-) I had the Chicken Kebab pita roll-up with cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, hummus, tahini sauce and chicken (I opted for no tomatoes, I don’t care for them). They also grill it so the insides are warm, and the outside of the pita is slightly crispy. It is about as amazing as a pita roll-up can get, I’m imagining! I also got a piece of their sugar-less homemade honey baklava. OMG…best baklava I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve had homemade baklava from my friends Greek parents before. This baklava blows that right out of the water! The prices were beyond reasonable in my opinion, especially for the amount of food you get. The service was very friendly, not the fastest, but they are making homemade goodness, just wait for it. And as I watched them make up meals for other people, I was plotting my next meal there, which will have to include their stuffed grape leaves! YUMMY! Also, the decor in this place is just beautiful. The artwork on the walls is gorgeous, and the color scheme is very warm and inviting.

Erin H. of Jamaica Plain, MA

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